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Me and my TomTom

Upstate New York is picturesque. Rolling hill dense forest with quaint little homes on fields of wheat. The lush green smell of fertility abounds. I couldn't help be struck by the thought that any people that knew this land well could fight an army very effectively. I wonder how the Indians could lose to us in such conditions. Amazing. After the hustle and bustle of NYC it was kind of an eerie feeling to be all alone on the road. In the city there is no time when you feel alone and once I got up north there were long stretches of solitude.

I had driven north for two reasons. I wanted to see Bill W.'s house. A small house in a small town about an hour outside of NYC. Unfortunately it was Sunday so there were no tours and almost no one on the grounds. I was able to sit and reflect for a few moments before I got back on the road but a bit of a disappointment. Speaking of disappointments... the other reason I went north was to see the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown. Now I am sure that because I love baseball and think it is the best game in the world that I had unreal expectations. I expected Cooperstown to a medium sized city with some hustle and bustle and the museum to be impressive. Ahh, no... Cooperstown is in the middle of nowhere. It cant have a population of 10k and the museum is not what I expected. It had a lot of cool memorabilia and stats (love stats) but it didn't come close to my expectations.

I know I have gushed about my TomTom before but let me do it again. It has taken me across the country and around and around. Almost 10k miles at this point. Because I have spent untold hours in my car, by myself, listening to its soft British accent and husky female voice, I have started to have conversations with it. When I have to pull of to get gas, either I am not smart enough to program it to know or it isn't smart enough to understand that I need gas ( I have to bet its both of us, if you were to combine our IQ's I hazard a guess we would come in under 100) it goes crazy and immediately wants me get back on the freeway, we have a brief argument and I win. I have to say, I have been fighting the urge to refer to the TomTom as "she", at least I am maintaining some kind of objectivity. The main reason I bring up the TomTom is that it took me on some of the craziest back roads yesterday. Unpaved and rutted in the middle of the woods. It seemed like it was getting back at me for yelling at it, or more likely the oppressive humidity had rotted its little electronic brain. All ended well, I arrived in Cooperstown for my second disappointment of the day.

From there it was off to Boston. I really like to drive during the day. I can see so much more. I have no idea what Boston or its surrounding area looks like but I plan to spend the next day and a half finding out. I am sure the city is a beautiful as I have heard. More to come.

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