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How'd I end up here?

Driving out of Chicago was a nightmare!!! It has to be some of the worst traffic I have ever been in. I would say it even rivals the traffic of the Bay Area. Once I got far enough away from the city things picked up and I was able to make good time. I managed to make it into Minnesota last night late and find a cheap hotel to crash at. This morning I got up early and finished the rest of my 990 mile trek from Chicago to end of South Dakota. Tomorrow I see the Custer National Park, the Sitting Bull Monument and Mt. Rushmore, then it is off to Yellowstone.

Minnesota is about as flat and middle of no where as you can get. There was almost nothing to see on the way here. Once you hit South Dakota everything changes. It is a truly beautiful state. Green rolling hills covered with wild flowers and a sky that is huge and filled with the most breathtaking cloud formations. The storms here are like nothing I have ever seen before. It is so big and flat (ish) here you can actually see the rain coming at you before it gets to you. One area of the sky will be clear and blue while another holds a set of black clouds dumping rain in sheets, really amazing. It is a drive I hope to make again someday.

South Dakota must also be the billboard capitol of the United States, I saw more advertisement along the roads in South Dakota then many of the other states combined. I am going to list the ones that caught my eye for you to ponder then address them separately. Dollhouse Museum, Stay where the buffalo roam, Cabin Fever Motel, Bear Country USA, Abortion the choice that kills.

Dollhouse Museum??? That sounds like the creepiest thing I have ever heard of. Can you imagine moving from room to room with all those little eyes following you. Is it me or does there seem to be a number of horror films that use dolls as their antagonist?

Stay where the buffalo roam. Ok that actually translates to: camp in a cow pasture! I don't like cows and buffalo are just bigger, smellier meaner cows. According to everything that big nappy coat they have smells atrocious. I have had the displeasure of walking in a cow pasture and not only does it smell but the pasture is filled with many (many, many, many) cow pies to step in, so in short no thanks!!

Cabin Fever Motel. There isn't much more to say to this. Not only was there a terrible horror movie made with a very similar title (got to be good for business) but the name itself just isn't good marketing. Enough said.

Bear Country USA. Huh. I like bears, I think they are wonderful animals. From a long distance. This is an animal that is almost as smart as a human, a couple of times stronger and faster and is hungry all the time. It just doesn't seem like a good idea to be getting close to them. I am sure many people do but I won't be one of them.

The last sign. It is very apparent from my journey that South Dakota is very pro-life. I saw 10 of these sign (all with different phrasing but the same idea) if I saw one of these.

I have about 10 days left on my trip before I have driven all the way across the bottom half of the US, up the Eastern sea board and back across the to of the US. I am going to put myself out there, I would like to invite the people that read this blog to comment on my writing. I am looking for constructive criticism please. I would like to improve my writing style to make it a more enjoyable and entertaining for the reader. Thank you all in advance for your help.

Posted by JustJ 19:05

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