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Foot long corndog!?!

Oh yeah! Its for real, the footlong corndog is out there. Arlington Stadium is a very nice BIG stadium. The Nachos are great! The seats were really nice, close. The company was good. The weather was almost perfect. After freezing for the last 3 and a half weeks, it is nice to be warm. It was 78-80 degrees with 70% humidity, with a little cloud cover and the home team won again, I am 2 for 2.

Again I took some ridiculed by the workers at the park but it was all done with a smile. People in Texas are so friendly. It was almost like I was being teased by friends, so it was all good.

It is weird to be in cities that don't have bike lanes. Both Denver and Arlington are missing them. I thought about riding a bike to the park but after riding around in Denver I know I would be taking my life into my own hands. Off to San Antonio tomorrow. More to come.

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Everything is bigger in Texas

Today was an extraordinarily long day. I got up as early as I could and hit the road around 7:30 pst and drove the 700 plus miles to Arlington Tx arrived here (with the time change to central time) at 8ish. Just for the record, if you want an easy way to go mad, just drive through west Texas. There is nothing there, NOTHING!

For some reason my TomTom took me up through Oklahoma and then down into Texas. So I got the privilege of driving through 3 states today. I feel that I really lucked out on the timing of this trip. All of OK and most of northern Texas are covered in green with wild flowers of all colors blooming. It made the second half of the trip bearable.

The motel I am staying at is really close to the ball park so I plan on walking to the park tomorrow. It should be a great day. There is nothing like a little heat and humidity after spending most of the trip in dry, cold weather. My skin is very grateful for the break. You know, the worst part of this trip?... the chapped lips. With the wind and all the time out of doors my lips have been chapped since Joshua Tree.

Oh yeah! Everything is bigger in Texas. I saw a 250 to 300 foot tall cross. The signed promised a religious experience, sorry to say that didn't happen but I was impressed. I also saw the biggest "pick and pull" I have ever seen. It had to be 3 acres or more. Along with those weird things I saw two trucks (ford f150's or the equivalent) stacked twenty feet above the cab with old refrigerators and towing another huge stack. What the hell? I have no idea but it was strange. Just thought I would share. I will let you know how the game was tomorrow.

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Golf and steak

Nothing can assuage the sting of a poor round of golf like a ribeye and a baked potato. At least I broke 100, which I am told only about 20% of all golfer do. Playing at altitude (7000ft) makes a big difference too, I hit a career drive today of about 325 yrds. I had intended to play tomorrow but when the rates go up from 35 to 59 it seemed like a good deal to me.

I visited a place today that has been inhabited by humans for over 1000 years. That is something! The pueblo reservation in Toas still has people that live traditionally, no electricity or running water. It was experience I will always remember.

The human psyche is and interesting thing. I consider myself to be a pretty sedimentary guy. Once I get established somewhere it is hard for me to make a change or move. Now that I have been on the road for a while, if I stay in one place for more then a couple of days I get an itch to get moving. I guess in someways that isn't changing what I am doing but...

This next leg of the trip cant be as bad as the stretch from Flagstaff to Zion but it could be almost as bad. I am going to be traveling through west Texas and I have been told that there is going to be nothing for miles. I am not looking forward to that part, but the Alamo and two baseball cities should make up for that and of course the Big Easy is in my sights. I have been mulling over just walking in to a tattoo shop and getting a piece of flash (that, for the uninitiated is preset piece that you pick off a board or the wall). I haven't decided but I think that I will. Either a fleur de lis or a crescent. I will let you know. More to come.

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You know you are screwed...

It was a nice leisurely drive from Denver to Angel Fire. When I drive sometimes I like to listen to news radio just so I can keep abreast of what is going on in the world. Ethan and I went hiking one year and missed the whole Katrina thing. It was a big shock to turn on the radio and hear what was happening in New Orleans. So there I am in the southern part of Colorado and the only thing I could pick up on AM radio was Rush Limbaugh or evangelical stations...that's when I knew I was in trouble. Thankfully I had my Ipod to save the day.

The condo here in Angel Fire is incredible(Thank you Josh and Gail). Large but still cozy. The view is wonderful, it makes me wonder what it is like in winter, incredible I bet. It is hard to explain how excited I was over the bathroom. It has the most amazing shower (the one with 5 shower heads) and a big bath, but if you had been looking at 8 minute showers in a steel stall for $2.00, you probably would be excited too.

I am having a little trouble adjusting to just chilling out. I have been going and going, hike here, drive there, for the past 3 weeks that it feels weird to just sit somewhere and not have to go or do. I am just going to have to force myself to sit on the back porch enjoy the view, smoke a cigar and read my book. I wish I could share pics but not till May.

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Supporting your team

It is always an interesting experience to go to another teams park wearing your teams jersey. It is even more interesting when your team isn't even playing. I got some of the strangest looks today along with comments like "Aren't you in the wrong stadium" or "The Giants aren't playing today". All that aside I had a wonderful time. The park is really nice. It is easy to get into and out of and the food wasn't bad. Not as good as SBC (where else can you get fresh sushi?), but good food. The people were friendly and the Rockies won for the first time in 5 games.

The American dollar is truly week. Today is the first time I have been somewhere in a crowd and not been the only American. Every national park and monument I have been to has been swamped with Europeans. It is great for the tourist industry and I am glad they are having a chance to see the most beautiful country in the world but it was also nice to be one in a crowd.

Since I am out of here early tomorrow for Taos/Angel Fire I just wanted to share my overall feeling of Denver and CO. I really like it. The people are nice, it is clean and the weather has been perfect. I would definitely come back. Wish me luck at least the drive can't be as long as 10 hours or as bad as the one from Flagstaff to Zion.

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