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Descretion is the better part of valor

So I got up early, packed up and checked out of my camp site. Caught the shuttle to the trail head for Angels Landing and was very excited to take on my fear of heights. I hiked the two miles STRAIGHT UP HILL and got to the trail junction. It said it was only .5 miles to the peak, I looked at the chains, hanging from the side of the mountain and thought, I have climbed Half Dome this should be a piece of cake. I got around to the back side and was feeling really good about myself... until someone pointed out that the real peak was straight up the side of the next peak. There were spots where you would literally be hanging over a 1,000 foot drop with just a chain and afoot and a half to trail. I looked up and decided... not a chance. Turned around and went back down the trail and I don't feel bad about it at all.

Let me reiterate. $2.00 is a small price for 8 minutes of bliss. I haven't had a shower in 2 days and today I got to take a shower and do laundry. I am really stoked about it too.

There is still snow on the ground here in Bryce so I know that tonight will be a very cold one. I am really looking forward to hiking the park, it should be wonderful. Two days here then off to the big SLC. I will have pic of the park soon.

I met a cool guy from Montana named Kaleb who works at Yellow Stone. He said he was skiing just a couple of weeks ago so It would probably be a good idea to head down instead of across and get Yellow Stone later in the season. So after SLC it will probably be Colorado then the other side of AZ and the top of NM. Josh came through so I will have a place to cool my heels near Taos. More to come.

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Buffalo cheese burgers in Zion

What an awful drive from Sedona. Not only am I leaving one of the nicest places I have been yet but I am leaving it to drive across a wasteland. The winds howled up to 50 mph (no exaggeration). All I could see for the 6 hours it took to drive over here was red dust and partially obscured landscape. It may not have been the longest, in mileage, or time but it was by far the longest I have had to drive yet. I think I would have rather been sitting in a dentist chair (insert more crude uncomfortable situation here).

All that fun aside I arrived and found a wonderful camp site (check out pic). I had picked up ground bison in Sedona and fried up cheese burger and watched the sun set on the sandstone cliffs around me. Breathtaking would be an apt description. I feel I have finally arrived. The stove is working well, I have all my stuff packed the way I want, the camper is great to sleep in and warm. It feels like I have finally hit my groove.

The park is great! Visitors are NOT allowed to drive around, they must take the shuttle, which runs every six minutes. There are tons of nice places to hike (see pics) or just sit and enjoy the vibe. Tomorrow I am going to take my life in my hand and hike to the Angels Landing, which requires navigating the side of a cliff with cables (gonna love that, I hate heights) but this trip is all about pushing my limits so off I go (blisters permitting)

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Bye bye Sedona

hello Zion

It is hard to believe that I could be so sad to leave a place that I have only been in for a couple of days, but I just feel like I didn't get enough of this place. I know that I will be coming back here soon to enjoy all it has to offer. I will be uploading a short video of the panorama above the city from the look out on Airport road. I have to say even though I am sad to go, the wanderlust has got ahold of me and I am ready to put down some miles. I have traveled 1565 miles so far and it seems like a blink. I will be in Zion by the end of the day. The only problem with being so enchanted by Sedona is that it only leave me 6 days for Utah, and that just doesn't seem like enough to me. Oh well, if the condo in Taos doesn't come through then I can always change my itinerary. More to come in the adventures of this traveling fool.

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I might be wrong

I always figured that when I retired I would end up on Maui. The weather is great, it is beautiful, good fresh tropical fruit (milk cost an arm and a leg, but you can get fresh Ahi for nothing). I could be wrong though. I think I could live here, not only retire. It has s small town fell, it is so gorgeous. I think it is probably like Santa Cruz, the locals forget how spectacular it is and then every once in a while you wake up and look around. The hiking is incredible, lots of nice place to just walk. I have always figured I needed to near a body of water and there is a wonderful river that runs right by town. I don't know what summer or winters are like but I think if nothing else, someday, when it comes time to just kick back this could be it. Enjoy the pic's I would post more but the site limits my total amount so I have to be conservative on how many I put up. I think I may stay one more day (you know how it happens, next thing you know I have a part time job and bam! you're settled in.)

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Sedona (have you ever...

Have you ever made a decision on the spur of the moment and regretted it? How about the other side of the coin? Well I was in Flagstaff today and I ended up spending more time then I wanted to. So I was sitting at the Toyota
dealership and I thought "should I head for Zion, or since Sedona is so close just go check them out. Well I made a decision that I am really pleased with. Sedona is amazing. So beautiful. I was planning on spending a just a day or two here but now I am thinking 3 days and a lot of hiking. More to come (with some incredible pics, promise)

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