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Grand Canyon part Deux

The Grand Canyon is a truly spectacular place. I have visited art galleries and by the end of the day I was blase' about what I was looking at. Yesterday I walked the rim (probably 12 miles) which took me about 6 hours and I was awed over and over again! The canyon never lost its ability to stun me with its vistas. A word that I believe is often misused applies here awesome. The dictionary definition of the word "awesome" is: inspiring a feeling of awe, and awe is:an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful. That about sums it up.

Walking the rim helped me to see that being alone can truly be freeing. I am able to simply float along like a leaf on the water going whichever way the current takes me. Being alone does sometimes make me miss my friends and family but mostly I just want someone to talk to.

I have had my belief in the generosity of my fellow man renewed. I blew a fuse in my truck and had to travel around to find one in rural AZ. I stopped at the local gas station and the gentleman there made a call, found someone who could help me. He gave me the kind of directions you would expect from local "go down the road a ways, turn left on the dirt road by he pyramids (a local land mark) then just head back till you see the big barrel chested guy." I found him and was very helpful and kind, took time out of his mechanic work to assist me in figuring out what was wrong and then directed me to a parts store to find the fuse. Thank you Tom!

In the national parks there what are called "campers services", just slang for laundry and showers. Let me tell you, this was my first experience with coin operated showers and I have never spent a better $2.00. Eight minutes of bliss. I will have more when I get to Utah.

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Grand Canyon

To use text speak...OMG. The Grand Canyon truly is one of the wonders of the world. Vast, colorful, impressive. This is the first time I have had problems with my Tom Tom, it wanted me to go somewhere into Flagstaff. Speaking of the AZ, it the most beautiful state. After the desolation of the high desert I was knocked off my feet. I had to pull over a number of times and just look, I did take a number of shots and will post a few of them plus some of the canyon as well.

Last night was the first night sleeping in the truck and it was very nice. Thanks to my sister in law Tracy I was able to buy some little LED lights that I fixed to the cab ceiling. It made it very homey, tucked under TWO sleeping bags reading and listening to my Ipod (what did we do before them?). I was warned it would be cold here but that was a gross understatement. April and it was dipping into the low 30's or high 20's brrrr. The staff here is wonderful, very helpful and friendly. I plan to hike the rim today so I should have some incredible shot and tonight I will camp outside the park, which is free and readily available. More to come.

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Moving forward

Joshua Tree has a very kind of sterile beauty. The wind never stops, blowing, scouring all in its way. It was truly a pleasure to spend time with my old friend Eric. When you have know someone for as long we have it is easy to fall into old routines and simply enjoy each other company. I will miss him.

I have reached a point in this journey that I have both scares and excites me. I will be leaving Eric's soon and be truly on my own. From Joshua Tree till I reach Florida I am a high wire act without a net. The thing that makes this such an exciting junction is that from now on I will have to find my own places to stay, survive in the bed of my truck and cook my own meals from the untested equipment I have brought. This is the challenge that I have been looking for and the one I believe will forge me into the new person I hope to become.

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Joshua Tree

The Desert

I want to start today's input with a shameless plug. I bought a Tom Tom so that I could travel and not worry about getting around whatever town I was in and let me tell you, it was one of the smartest choices I have made. The Tom Tom adjusts to a closer view as you approach a junctions reprograms routes if you miss your turn. I managed to make it to my tattoo appointment on time and didn't get lost (thank you Tom Tom). I have included a pic of the work.

The trip from LA to Joshua Tree wasn't that bad either. Traffic here is always bad but when you prepare yourself mentally it is easy enough to get through. LA can really beautiful from the right angles. The hills were covered in mustard seed blooms are were the most incredible color of yellow.

The desert in the spring is not what I expected. I have always heard the blooms were awe inspiring but I beg to differ. It is nice but I have yet to see anything that takes my breath away. Tomorrow Eric and I are going to hike in Joshua Tree National park so I am sure I will get some better shots, which I will be happy to share with all. I have added some photos to my gallery feel free to enjoy.

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First Leg


I would like to start this off by asking a favor. Please be patient with me, it is going to take me a little while to find my voice.

So I headed out at 5 this morning to begin what should be a 3 month trip of self exploration. It only took 6 hours to travel from Santa Cruz to my hotel in LA. Yes I did say hotel, I have set the back of my truck up so that I can live and sleep in it but sometime circumstances require that I stay in a hotel/ motel. I will be posting pics to my new living quarters shortly. I have to say I am very excited, tomorrow I get my first road tattoo and then its off to see a friend I haven't seen in YEARS. I have already learned two very important lessons. 1) always take the long way (I-5 is boring and ugly and I am sorry I didn't take 101) 2) always bring your camera, I missed taking some beautiful pictures of some of downtown. I wont make that mistake again. Next stop Joshua Tree.

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